How to promote Android apps

Recently my friend asked me to answer a few questions to promote applications for Android. We dogovorlis that I would write a post. Over the last year I got the definite impression on the market Android Market. I am pleased to share my opinion. I hope my experience will be useful to developers. I would be happy if the post will generate a constructive discussion. 

On Android Market:

1. How often do updates for whether these updates in some real bug fixes, or users' trust and silently update "?

As a user I am a "trust and silently update the" application or not at all if I update the application is not interested. Everyone is different and there are users who are always watching the ongoing changes in apdeyte, my IMHO - is dominated by people who install updates, rarely going into the details. There is also a category of applications, in which each update brings new features. As a rule, the loyal users of such applications are always waiting for the upgrade of new functionality or content.
As a developer, I consider that the application needs to update regularly once a week or two. This is for at least two reasons: first regular updates with new features done and content have a positive effect on the formation of a loyal audience of the project, and secondly when you upgrade an application fall into the category of 'Just in', which positively affects the number of downloads. If your application has positive comments and high ratings in the amount of downloads apdeyte much more. It is worth noting that if the update more frequently than once a week, then jump on the downloads will not be because the application does not fall into the 'Just in'.

Empty updates without changes should be avoided. Almost always, (we all without sin!) To update strive to make some new feature or fix bugs. Without bugs is just hello word, so there is always something to improve / fix, especially when it comes to programs for mobile devices. Most likely, frequent updates can empty a negative impact on the audience loyalty and the reputation of the developer. In addition, full update, as a rule, is very effective. IMHO the ideal option - pre-release updates before developit application, even if the first version will be slightly curtailed.

As practice shows, regular updates - it is very important and effective tool in promoting the application, but to achieve some decent results updates are not enough.

2. What is the dynamics of downloads needed and for what period, to reach the top?

Unambiguously answer this question is difficult because the market is changing rapidly. Today in the TOP Free to enter more complicated than in the TOP Paid. My experience is that if there is a 10.5 download within one to two months, you can enter in TOP Paid-100 in its category. TOP Free From a little harder. At various times, I reached up to 30 seats in the TOP Free in its category. My most successful application has 700,000 downloads since April last year, with the first 50,000 downloads were given hard, then went easier. Now this program is contained in the TOP Free 50 in its category with the dynamics of 1000-5000 downloads a day. Over the weekend, more uploads by 20-30%.

3. If the application is free, but there are domestic payments - they are sure to carry through Google Checkout or turning a blind eye to it?

Local payments - a very profitable model, however, on its Android I have not tried it. Considering the vast majority of free applications, I feared that this model would be accepted 'in arms' users. Heard that PayPal has its own In-App Purchase library for Android, but experience with it does not. For domestic payments has some interesting branches on StackOverflow.

4. What statistics are collected - download, many users of versions of what they do in the application, etc.

As I try to make the application as 'light', I do not use a special library to gather statistics. Statistics in my applications library is going to advertise on Mobclix. In the admin I have the opportunity to see 'App Opens' and 'New Users' on the clock, except for direct advertising rates (impressions, eCPM, eCPC, etc.). I agree that the collection of statistics - it is very important, but I do settle for a limited set of parameters.


5. Ever worked with review sites and directories? There is a clear leader, which gives the most downloads? In the event that review and catalog provides a link to the application in the Android Market, is there a way to track exactly which gave life to these downloads Market?

From site surveys worked. I do not think that there is a clear leader, like TouchArcade for iOS. I think that good would result from a review on Pocket Gamer. Ideal - in Google to find as many review sites, sort of Alexei and send all request to Review. The more reviews - the better! Track the number of downloads from a specific review to me it is not possible at this time. You can also order the banners on niche sites. There is a, where you can filter and sort advertisements on the android website by visitors and price.You can also apply directly to advertisers on popular websites. Certainly, popular sites are owned media holding, to help you if you wish to learn of the advertising budget.

With regard to third-party alternatives to the directory for Android software, I was not able to achieve the number of downloads, comparable to the Android Market. The main reason for my failure - my laziness. Because a lot of directories and I do updates almost every week, I was very uncomfortable to submit your site updates regularly. So I scored while on the directories. Maybe I just do not see a viable alternative to Android Market. I admit the thought that I would return to the topic later catalogs.

6. Did you work with someone from the advertising networks such as,, I mean, as an advertiser. By visitors? Most Popular?

As an advertiser mainly worked with AdMob and Mobclix. Budgets content was not very big, so hard to objectively compare. I feel that as a free application to have 10 clicks a instal. Again, much depends on the content of advertisements, descriptions of applications, and screenshots.

7. Placed ads in a contextual advertising Google?

Often advertise the application with AdMob, $ 200 dollars apart for 6-7 hours. According to my statistics, 237 hits have a click (not the best indicator), for $ 200 you can get some clicks and 5000-10000, according to my feelings, 500-1000 downloads. I may be wrong in the calculations.

8. A similar question on the same scale - with whom to work harder to show someone else's advertising in itself why.

As a seller of advertising closely worked with AdMob, Quattro Wirelless and Mobclix. Now I use mostlyMobclix. To date, for my most popular program generated an average of 600-700 thousand hits a day. It should be noted that if the program is popular, it does not always have enough advertising network advertising in order to cater for all application requests. If this happens, you can lose up to 90% of their income. For such cases, there are solutions that provide maximum filling of advertising applications through the automatic replacement of ad networks based on the presence of ads. Today I know two solutions to do it automatically - AdMob + AdWirl and Mobclix. I like the Mobclix, since Mobclix collects all ad networks money, accumulating them at home and make one payment to the developer to all networks. In the case of AdWirl each ad network to get paid separately. On the plus Mobclix also include the ability to use AdMob as an alternative.


In 2010 I became convinced that developing for Android is not only interesting but also beneficial. On the advertising model and you can earn quite well. In the Android Market today, there are many free niches that can and should take.

I am sure that there are many ways to promote your software for Android. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment! In no event do not get upset if something does not work and never stop.

Thank you. I would really welcome your comments.